This is my website and it provides links to my interests and activities. Below you will find links to these things. Most active are software development and travel. I also have a blog at that I will try to add to with more frequency than has been the case in the past.

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Trips & Journeys Over the last few years we have been taking some very interesting trips. Recently these have included trips to the Mexican Yucatan peninsula and other locations in the Caribbean. While in Mexico we have visited many of the Mayan archaeological sites and I have done a considerable amount of scuba diving, including excursions to Cozumel. We have definitely fallen in love with Mexico and discovered some favourites, in particular, Cozumel and Akumal, Mexico, that we return to again and again. The Recent Travels page contains descriptions and links to pictures. It has some of the characteristics of a blog, but I'm afraid it will not be updated as frequently. We have been going to Caribbean destinations when it's cold here in Nova Scotia since March 2004. Even though we will continue to visit our favourites, there are still new places to discover. The only underlying criteria is that both the snorkelling and the diving must be good. Software I also enjoy the challenges and puzzles associated with programming. Over the years I have learned a number of programming languages. As a teaching language, I thoroughly enjoyed Pascal! However, Pascal is not a great production language; it is not inherently object oriented and the development environments provide some additional challenges. However, if you would like to check out Pascal, Pascal Programming, The Pascal Programmer, Free Pascal and GNU Pascal are resources for you. In the early 80's, I taught myself C and later C++. This is now my language of choice and I use MS Visual C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio. All software posted on this site (use the BruntonSoft Software link above) is available for personal use without charge. If you find it useful, I'm delighted. Please let me know. If you encounter problems, I'll do my best to assist and the problem you identify may result in an overhaul of the code. Similarly, if you find some aspect of the user interface awkward or less than intuitive, let me know that as well. All feedback is appreciated and I will respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Please note, however, programming is a labour of love and not my occupation. And while I no longer have a day job we are travelling and generally enjoying the freedom of retirement. Therefore, I will be glad to address any problems you may uncover, but I cannot guarantee immediate turnaround. Education I was a staff officer with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union for twelve years from 2000 - 2012. This is the professional association for all public school teachers in Nova Scotia and the professional association of the Faculty and Professional Support staff with the NS Community College. Not only is the NSTU extremely effective at protecting members' rights and benefits as well as achieving additional salary and benefits through negotiations, it is the most significant single organization that supports members' professional development. It is active in promoting education and equity within education. However, I made the leap into retirement on November 1, 2012, so a new journey begins. I anticipate I will retain both interest and involvement with educational developments in the Province. This section contains some of my thoughts on education as well as links to some important documents. Software Recommendations I work primarily in a Windows environment. At home I am now using Windows 7 and at work, while that continues to be something in my life, as well. My primary productivity tools are Microsoft Office (Office 2013 at home and Office 2007 when I was at work) and MS Visual Studio 2008 (C++). There are, however, a host of other programs that enhance the things I need to do, the things I like to do and the computing environment in which I do them. On the Software Recommendations page I have listed those programs, freeware, shareware and commercial, that I regularly use. I've added whatever comments I think may be relevant to describe the software and help you decide if you should give it a try. Links Over many years I have collected many links to a rather eclectic set of sites around the Internet. I've made them available for anyone who is curious.
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