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These are the trips we’ve made this year. Although I am now retired, I’ve spent my entire career connected to the education system and therefore when I talk about “this year”, it means the academic year. Maybe this will change as I move deeper into retirement and leave the world of education further behind, but old habits die hard. Click the button below to see our travels for “this year 2014-15” and the buttons to the right for other years.
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Our Recent Trips

Over the last several years Donna and I have had the good fortune to do much more travelling. Grown children are delightfully independent and cost somewhat less, we have more flexible options for vacation time and we have more resources to use to pamper ourselves. The result has been regular visits to the Caribbean, specifically the island of Cozumel, Mexico and the village of Akumal in the Mayan Riviera. Cold weather here and little sunlight makes the warmth and sunshine of the Caribbean extremely attractive. Time will become even more flexible now that I have retired (as of November 1, 2012).
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Just The Pictures

I have compiled a page of the links to all the pictures I have uploaded over the last several years. Just click the red button below.
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